Идеи за бягство

Най-добрите Instagram акаунти, които да следвате, преди следващото пътешествие.

Зимата е сезонът, в който често искаме да избягаме, да се телепортираме на друго място, по-топло или по-студено, в зависимост от предпочитаните занимания. Факт е, че прекарваме още повече време в социалните мрежи, поради тежката и сериозна липса на море... Затова избрахме няколко наистина вдъхновяващи профили в Instagram, свързани с пътувания. Обичате ски или пък сте фен на сърфа; влюбени сте в планините или сте истински градски номади? АртАкция се погрижи за дозата визуални пътешествия, от които имате нужда. И липсващото вдъхновение, за да поемете на път!


Goodbye California, hello Texas! - After a year of living in Los Angeles, @anna.everywhere & I have decided to move on. While I was surprised at just how much I ended up enjoying LA, we've decided it’s just not for us long-term. It’s a bit too crowded, a bit too expensive, and a bit too dry. - So we’re hitting the road again, this time for a temporary move to #Austin, Texas. We’ll be there for a few months before moving on to our ultimate destination, which I’ll keep secret for now (just for fun). ???? - I thought I’d be able to slow down and plant some roots somewhere, but we seem to just keep moving regardless. Maybe this is the curse of being nomadic. That after moving so much, over so many years — what’s the big deal with moving once more? I guess moving once a year is better than once every few months, so there’s still hope! - Anyone have tips they want to share about Austin? I hear we need to try some BBQ... ????

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While filming in Antarctica last year, this humpback whale stopped whatever it was doing and came over to investigate me. I have spent a lot of time underwater with these leviathans but never have I had one try to pick me up on its 12-foot long pectoral fin. It kept staring and assessing my reaction while doing this. The encounter was powerful and humbling. So, for me, it is more than devastating that 100 endangered fin whales have been slaughtered in Iceland over the past two months for a dying Japanese meat market. With the International Whaling Commission (IWC) taking place this September, we are putting pressure on the Icelandic government by gathering signatures (link in my bio) of global citizens, pledging not to travel to Iceland if whaling continues. At the IWC, the laws on whaling are up for debate, and if the world chimes in, we have a chance to stop this once and for all. Iceland is violating one of the most sacred wildlife conservation agreements of our time—the International Moratorium on Commercial Whaling—by brutally slaughtering one of the most sentient and threatened species in the oceans. We cannot stand by and watch this violent attack on one of the most fundamental principles of wildlife conservation. We can no longer remain silent as this majestic species nears extinction in our lifetime. This is where we draw the line! #StopTheHunt #StopIcelandicWhaling. With @pattersonimages at the controls, @cristinamittermeier @ladzinski @craigwelch @andy_mann @sea_legacy @bluespherefoundation @natgeo

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Want to be there or want to run away? •• @lolosjohan

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